Field Trip Question

Modern Housing
How is a modern house built? What is the average cost of construction? What materials are used for its build and where are these sourced? Based on lasts weeks’ lectures, how successful is this (in terms) of it being ecologically sound?

What does the universal style of housing say about UK ambitions and its viewpoints towards design for living in 21st century? How best would you illustrate these processes and ideals using a camera?

How is a modern house built?

  • The average cost of building a new home is £190,000, compared to a self-build costing £84,000 if you do the work yourself, or £146,000 if you employ tradesmen.
  • Only 10% of homes here as self built compared to 80% in Australia.
  • Brick is around 5% of building a home, the cheapest option compared to character bricks or natural stone.
  • Block word is the cheapest material to build the frame of the home, or timber cladding is a better alternative. The walls and insulation are then formed.
  • The cheapest option for a roof is to build a simple rectangular-format low pitched roof. It uses less timer reducing material costs.
  • Developers then favour large format concrete interlocking tiles to keep labour and material costs down.

The format of how houses are built, suggests people in the 21st century are more focused on spending less, rather than design or practicality. They would rather secure a home cheaply whilst young, before house prices increase more. It is easy to get someone to buy a house, without identifying the less desirable aspects of the build when it is cheaper. Building all houses the same, allows design and material costs to stay low.

I would photograph this by documenting new build sites, showing the repetition throughout each site. I could then interview and photograph people who have bought the houses, explaining why they went for a cheaper new build. My theme through the photography would mainly be repetition.

Click to access Introduction%20to%20MMC%20&%20Eco%20COnstruction%20-%20Tim%20Doherty.pdf

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